Area Reserved for the tips, which will help you to take full advantage of TUPLACE.ES

If you want your event to reach more people, you have the option of "share" which allows you to share the event through various online social networking and messaging.

When you're enrolling several similar events, or the same in different places or dates, you have the "Duplicate" option, which will provide enough work.

Check to finish creating or editing the event, the map appears with the location.

Sometimes the seeker has registered the street named in another language or other name, so make sure google maps "understands" that direction. If you fail to appear on the map, a good option may be to get the coordinates.

When writing the description of an event, be sure to put artist names, where they act local, city, because that will help make it easier to find in search, when someone searches for example, concerts by that artist, or group, or that kind of music (eg pop).

The event image is loaded after creating the event, clicking on the image in black and white microphone, and selecting "Change avatar".

The other options ... best inquires, check yourself all you can do this site, ... more than it seems !!!